Bismarck Calvary United Methodist
Friday, November 17, 2017
A United Methodist Congregation


Calvary United Methodist Church
Year 2017 Leadership


Ken Hogue, Chair               2017   Trustees

Ron Kinzler                           2017   Staff Parish

Jeff Essler                             2017   Finance

Lorette Hoopman                 2017   Finance

Mike Dronen                         2018   Trustees

Laurence Gruebele             2018   Staff Parish

Curtis Mertz                      2018   Trustees

Rick Bentz                             2018   Finance

Sharon Throlson                  2019   Staff Parish

Shayne Mertz                       2019   Staff Parish

Michelle Balliet-Unrath       2019   Trustees

Marilou Voegele V-Chair        2019   Finance

Sally Walker                          2019   Lay Member/Lay Leader



Perry Schnabel                     Pastor

Darrel Borgen                       Custodian                

Lacey Nelson                        Co-Christian Education/AWANA

Alisha Mertz                          Co-Christian Education

Donna Thiede                       Office Administrator/Treasurer



Shayne Mertz, Media Coordinator

____________________,  Groups Coordinator

Sally Walker,  Co-Hospitality Coordinator

Ginny McCallum, Co-Hospitality Coordinator

____________________,  Mission Coordinator

____________________,  Prayer Coordinator

____________________,  Visitation Coordinator

____________________,  Worship Coordinator

____________________,  Church Historian

Beckie Dronen, AWANA Commander


These last six volunteer positions are yet to be filled.  If you feel God’s call upon your life to assist the church in these ways, or you would like more information on what the position entails, please talk to Pastor Perry ASAP.


Open Door Directors continue to be: Pastor Perry, Ken Hogue & Ron Kinzler.