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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Greater Grand Forks CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)



The Singer's Score

 Sharing the Good News

    It was a Wednesday afternoon and Jonathan (one of our student leaders) and I entered the dining center on campus in hopes of sharing with someone as we ate with them. While we were waiting for some of our food to be cooked on the grill, a woman  began to talk to Jonathan. Turns out Darbin, is here for grad school and her son was in Jonathan’s classroom while he was student teaching last semester. After we got our food we asked if we could sit with her and she said yes. We found out that she is from Dubai and is getting her PhD to work in the airline industry.  
   As we were chatting with her she asked us a few questions about our upbringing and asked if we could go back and change one thing about our upbringing what would we change. After visiting about that for a bit I asked her the same question. She began by talking about how her religion was so strict and she felt like she didn't have much fun in life because of being Muslim.  
   We then began to ask some questions about her religion, she said that it was still important to her but that she had taken the bits and pieces of what she wanted so that she didn't have to live under such restriction. A little while later we had the opportunity to talk about Christianity with her and share about Jesus. After visiting about Jesus it was interesting to hear her say, “I feels religion will still have a very important part in the world, however I don’t feel that it has a place at the table.” Meaning that people will not talk about it with each other anymore.  
   As I reflect on our conversation, it makes me think...If religion is going to be important in the world it NEEDS to be talked about. Isn’t it the same with our lives? If God is at the very center of our being then we will talk about Him because that is who we are and who He has created us to be.   Pray that one day the truth of the gospel would overcome Darbin and God would draw her near to Himself.  

Your Partners in the Great Commission, 
Pray for students as they finish the school year.  Pray they would look for opportunities to talk to friends and classmates about Jesus, especially during this Christmas season.
Pray students would desire to join us at Cru Winter Conference///MSP over Christmas Break, Dec. 28-Jan.1. And pray for students to encounter Jesus and surrender various areas of their lives to Him at the Conference.

Todd & Kamaya Singer




     Calvary is on the schedule to serve “The Banquet” on Saturday, March 9, 2019.  If that interests you as a mission you would like to be a part of talk to Pastor Perry.



     Our October Mission was Operation Christmas Child and we sent off 40 shoes boxes. Our November Mission was Cru and the Singer’s serving the Great Grand Forks Area we met our goal of $1,800.00. Our December Mission & ADVENT Offering has been the Graner’s. We are very close to reaching our goal of $1,250.00.

     Our January Mission will be our church’s Benevolence Fund. Our February Mission will be Cru so that we can start building the goal of $1,800.00 again.



     The Common Thread knitting group at Rapid City Canyon Lake United Methodist Church set a goal to knit 50 scarves for the Lydia Project. So far 100 scarves have been made. "We have been having fun with it," said Grace Stucke, who is a member of the Common Threads group. "We hope to have the scarves blessed during worship."

     Rita Lepp, a member of Bismarck Legacy UMC, is coordinating efforts to make 150 scarves. "We are well on the way. We currently have more than 100 made, and there is a lot of yarn out there," she says. "I am sure we will get to 200. When the Spirit says go, you go!"

     Rita purchased 270 seins of yarn. It is available to anyone who is interested in knitting or crocheting a scarf. "People pick up the yarn and directions. They bring the completed scarf to the church when done. It is just that simple. We have people from throughout the Bismarck community, who are not members of Legacy, participate. All we ask is that they pray when they are kitting or crocheting," Rita says.

     United Methodists in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota are knitting or crocheting 10,000 purple scarves. The initiative is called the Lydia Project, after Lydia in Acts 16.

     The United Methodist General Conference will be coming to Minneapolis in 2020. The intent is to greet every delegate, dignitary, bishop, and spouse with a handmade scarf, to serve not only as a memento of General Conference but also as a practical solution to drafty, air-conditioned rooms. 

     Churches like Bismarck McCabe have been busy creating scarves. McCabe UMC set a goal to knit 100 scarves. Each church can set their own goal and is asked to designate a contact person for this project. The contact person will be responsible for coming up with an estimated number of scarves your congregation can commit to making.

     Rita Lepp gave some of that yarn to us at Calvary and two of our ladies, (Kezia Schnabel & Helena Ebel) have been busy knitting scarves – I know they have made over 10 so far. 




     A Youth Winter Connection will be held in Bismarck on January 25-26, 2019.  Check it out online.


     AWANA and Wednesday Worship are going well. There will be an AWANA Training session that we are invited to at McCabe UMC on January 10. Time is not yet available.



     The Children’s Christmas Program will be Christmas Eve, December 24 at 5:00pm along with the Candlelight service.



     The third cohort will be held on January 12 at Lake Poinsett, south of Watertown, SD.

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     We are also grateful for those who are gathering in the WAR ROOM for prayer each Sunday.  Prayer card requests and prayer needs left on the Prayer Board are sent via email or text to Prayer Team members each Monday.


A Sunday morning Bible Study will be beginning on January 13 at 9:00am. The topic will be “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer, actress on The War Room. The study will conclude on March 3. All are welcome.


     The Soup Challenge is scheduled for Sunday, January 27 at 11:30am. Join the challenge! Bring your favorite soup and see how well it does against all the other soups! Come and taste it all.



     With our new Administrative Assistant we have set office hours Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm.



With the new school year this fall, Open Door moved their Day Care from South 12th St. in Bismarck into the facility of McCabe United Methodist Church in Bismarck. This was obviously a cost cutting measure for both Open Door and McCabe United Methodist Church. However it begs the question, “Is it still a mission of Calvary to the community?”

     Here are some quotes from the moves ‘Memorandum of Understanding’:

-          McCabe will: invite and include Open Door personnel and families in regular McCabe functions and work to build a seamless ministry for the children and families of Open Door and for the people of McCabe.

-          Open Door will: work for, and offer, a seamless ministry for children and families between Open Door and McCabe.

-          McCabe and Open Door both have had to change to make this new relationship work; however, both parties feel that there are advantages to the move and that both the church and the missions are “better together.”

-          Some of the benefits McCabe will reap include opening their doors to young families for a quality day care, better use of existing facilities and the opportunity to create a “church home” for a future generation.

With all of this in mind, Calvary’s Administrative Team voted to discontinue its relationship with Open Door at the end of 2018.  We will not appoint any new members to the Open Door Board.  However, we realize that Ken Hogue has had a unique ministry with Open Door and if he wishes to continue to assist there we strongly encourage his work there.