Bismarck Calvary United Methodist
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
A United Methodist Congregation

Sunday School




On Palm Sunday, April 9, the Sunday School children will present a mini Easter musical at the second service. 

An Ice Cream Social is planned for May 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm to finish off the Sunday School  season.  Board games will be available. 

DVBS will also be coming in June; look for dates and information in future church publications and check out the Facebook page to find out more.




Our Christian Education Coordinators have come up with some great ideas and opportunities for all of us to participate in this coming year.  On October 30 we had our first “Trunk or Treat” in a long time.  We had 14 vendors from the church family and we served 125 children plus their parents and were able to share about our church.  A cookie bake will be held on December 11 and part of the cookies will be put in our church’s Christmas baskets that go to shut-ins, etc.  The Sunday school Christmas program is coming up on December 18 at the 10:30 am service.  Be on the lookout for the activities that will be planned for January and February.  Check out the Facebook page to find out more.



Stay tuned – watch the bulletins for date and time.



You’re Invited!
Join us for Sunday School at 10:30 am
Beginning September 11, 2016

Please note the new time for Sunday School is 10:30 am.

     The curriculum for the fall session of Sunday School is Deep Blue Kids, a weekly adventure through the Bible.  This will be a one-room school concept and helpers and teachers are needed for Sunday School.  Volunteers can choose Sunday(s) that work best for them.  Teachers and helpers will be provided with a leader’s guide that includes everything needed for lessons.  Also, if teachers/helpers are not comfortable working alone in the one-room setting, assistance will be provided.  If prospective teachers/helpers are interested, a brief meeting after worship on a Sunday will be held to review materials.  Even if volunteers are willing and able to assist only one Sunday a month, it will help out tremendously.  Please prayerfully consider serving your church in this way.

Other events tentatively scheduled for the Sunday School class include:

August 28 – A “Do-Nut Forget” gathering to help us remember the new Sunday School class time

September 18 – Back to School Bowling Party

September 24 – Family Praise Worship Night


More information for all events will be made available as dates draw nearer.  If you have questions, please can contact Alisha Mertz (527-3543) or Becky Dronen (955-4853).


Sunday School Staff

2016 – 2017

Sunday School Coordinator = Alisha Mertz

Assistant Sunday School Coordinator = Beckie Dronen




PRESCHOOL to 4th grade


Alisha Mertz

Jodi Vadnais, Shayne Mertz, Beckie Dronen


5th Grade - 12th Grade (CCP) Calvary Computer Program





      Please notify the church office at 255-4281 if you need information!  We look forward to seeing everyone.